May 4 is recognized globally as International Fire Fighters’ Day — a day we say ‘thank-you’ to the brave men and women who keep our communities safe, while also remembering those who have lost their lives on the job.

Here in Nova Scotia, love and support for our local firefighters couldn’t be more apparent. With over 17,000 followers on Facebook, jackpots hitting over $300,000 and almost 50 lucky winners, Nova Scotia is home to the largest weekly 50/50 in Canada — in support of none other than Nova Scotia Firefighters.

Administered by the Amherst Fire Fighters Association, the weekly online…

How the Black Educators Association is enhancing African Nova Scotian education across the province.

African Nova Scotian history has been under-represented in Nova Scotia’s education system for decades. When history is left out of lesson plans, so are important stories of perseverance, indomitable spirt, contribution, culture and accomplishment — particularly about African Nova Scotians. Ultimately, this lack of information feeds the achievement gap between white and African Nova Scotians. So, how do we fill the gap?

Enter the Black Educators Association (BEA), an organization that exists to help supplement what is missing in the education system.

Founded over 50 years…

Diversity is what helps foster innovation and opens us up to new problems and ideas.

Meet the Women of Rafflebox!

Women make up 28 per cent of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) workforce, globally — consequently one of the largest gender gaps that exists in today’s working world (AAUW). STEM has been known to be one of the fastest-growing and highest-paid jobs of the future. The underrepresentation of women in STEM must be something we work together to overcome.

Rafflebox takes this seriously and is doing our part by hiring strong, qualified women to lead and support our growing team. Giving women equal…

How PEI firefighters leveled up their fundraising efforts to raise over $30,000 in one week.

Every day, firefighters across the country volunteer to risk their lives for strangers — with no pay, or expectation of applause. Most firefighters are quite humble and are used to doing their jobs with little acknowledgment. In fact, many people may not realize the impact these unsung heroes have on their community…until they need them.

Angie Arsenault, rookie Prince Edward Island (PEI) firefighter, said it best: “Firefighters are good at what they do, but not so good at telling everybody what they do. …

Online fundraising through 50/50s, Prize raffles and Sweepstakes

Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash
Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash
Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash

As a fundraising expert, you know digital fundraising can pack a serious punch! But it can be overwhelming, complicated, and expensive.

With no upfront fees, Rafflebox makes online fundraising fast and easy by offering three secure and accessible ways to move your fundraiser online. Connect your charity or non-profit to a broader audience and create new revenue streams by running a:

  1. 50/50 cash raffle
  2. Prize raffle, or
  3. nationwide Sweepstakes!

Who do we work with?
Everyone! We’ve empowered thousands of charities, big and small, to manage their fundraisers through our easy-to-use online platform. …

Ashley Beckwith of Greenwood, NS, won the biggest prize to date from the weekly Nova Scotia Firefighters 50/50 raffle that supports more than 225 fire departments across Nova Scotia.

Ashley took home more than $230,000, after learning she had the winning ticket during the New Year’s Eve draw for the weekly Rafflebox fundraiser. She shared her thoughts with us on what it was like to learn she was a big winner.

How did you find out about the raffle fundraiser? What prompted you to buy a ticket?

I heard about it from my dad who buys tickets every week (he…

Rafflebox enables thousands of registered charities and non-profits — big and small — to raise funds online through 50/50 and prize raffles. We offer marketing support and custom online raffle pages, so organizations like yours can raise funds quickly and easily for important community causes.

Effective February 2, 2021, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) announced changes to its gaming policies that will make it easier for charitable and non-profit organizations to run 50/50 and prize raffles online in Alberta.

Rafflebox is thrilled to see the culmination of our joint advocacy resulting in an improvement in the raffle experience for charitable organizations. We commend the AGLC for responding to the needs of Alberta’s non-profit sector and are confident these changes will result in more funds in the hands of vital charities and non-profits!

For a complete list of policy amendments, see the AGLC Raffle…

Franck @franckinjapan

Online 50/50 and prize raffles are popping up everywhere! During a time where in-person fundraising galas and live auctions are not possible, online raffle platforms like Rafflebox are helping charities and non-profits raise funds for animal care, hockey jerseys and all sorts of important causes.

But how can you be sure that you’re buying a ticket from a reputable raffle provider? Rafflebox values the safety and security of the organizations we work with, as well as our ticket-buyers. …

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Happy New Year, Rafflebox’ers!

2020 was a tough year for many people but, despite a global pandemic, our charitable and non-profit partners like you worked harder than ever to meet the growing needs of your community.

With a New Year comes new hope, new challenges and…new fundraising goals. Now is the time to start planning for 2021 and we look forward to helping you map out your online fundraising strategies for the year.

Together, we raised over $15 million for important causes across Canada through online raffles and 50/50s. Thank you for all your support! Head onto

Dustin Edwards, Business Manager, Drumheller Dragons. All photos courtesy of Drumehller Dragons

Rafflebox Spotlight: One of our first clients Drumheller Dragons, Interview with Dustin Edwards, Business Manager

Dustin Edwards, Business Manager tells us why he loves hockey and the story behind the Drumheller Dragons, which started with the Miners and the Falcon’s in the 1960s.

How did you get started with Drumheller Dragons?

I’m now in my third season with the Drumheller Dragons as the team Business Manager! I worked in the Oil & Gas industry for about ten years and wanted to pursue my passion for sports and hockey and it took me here.

What is it about hockey that you love the most?

I love the fact that entire communities can be part of a team in some capacity. It isn’t just about the twenty-three players, it is numerous community stakeholders, fans, volunteers…

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