Why Choose Rafflebox?

4 min readOct 26, 2020
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Think outside the Rafflebox! There are so many reasons to choose our platform to help you raise funds for your charity or when you want to support a local charity. Here are a few to start:

1) It’s easy to use!

Within a few minutes you can get registered and have your raffle up and running! We provide excellent one-on-one customer service to help you get started with your raffle.

By running a Rafflebox online raffle, you reduce the work and cost of issuing and printing tickets, distributing, contacting ticket buyers, getting tickets to your buyers etc. Instead, you can shift that energy into connecting with people through marketing, sales and promotion/social media. Every time you post, you can increase the amount of funds raised!

Still want to go the paper route? You can do so easily with Rafflebox. While we are an online digital platform, our technology enables our customers to run things a bit more old school as well. Meaning you can sell tickets in person (cash or credit) and issue ticket receipts. You can print the tickets for picking a winner and we provide the printers and software to do this. Online or offline, we’ve got you covered.

It’s easy to help support your local charity. Just a few clicks and you’ve bought a ticket which securely passes on your funds to the charity. And on top of it, you can easily share your charity with others and access other charities in your area.

2) People helping people! Great customer service and easy access to local charities.

We are passionate about helping other people and we provide personal customer service. Need help with the tech or license application side of things? We will walk you through the process step by step! We spend a lot of time ensuring things are easy as possible so customers can have a good experience running their raffles. We are motivated to see the impact our customers have on the local communities they serve.

Let us help you target your raffle to the right people! We offer our expertise to help you to configure your social media posts to reach the right audience. Ideal for local charities, we can help you find the specific target supporters for your raffle. This way, you reach people who might otherwise not know about your charity or fundraiser.

As a ticket buyer, getting involved has never been so easy. By supporting the charity of your choice, you to see the direct impact on your local community and also easily see other charities in your neighborhood. With your tickets purchased, you can help support a variety of worthy causes, from invaluable health and safety resources in your community, cultural activities, to your local sports team!

We are successful when our customers are successful!

3) You can count on us. We will always be transparent with you.

We take security very seriously. Our team works with local and federal regulators, to ensure we are complying with the regulations and laws. We only operate in a province when we are 100% approved. Currently, we are approved in Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, PEI (Prince Edward Island), NWT (North West Territories), and the Yukon. We are working hard on getting approved in the remaining provinces.

We have integrity. Our founders have had several police and financial background checks as mandated by provincial regulations. We are GLI certified and PCI compliant. We have approval from our payment provider to operate lottery transactions. Finally, the money collected during the raffle is controlled by the charity and not Rafflebox. Our fee is separately billed.

4) We’re affordable!

Our fees are the most competitive in Canada. With Rafflebox, we have tiered volume pricing which reduces costs. Our pricing is competitive, and you get a lot of services included such as statistic analysis, raffle reporting, and self serve management of raffles.

Our dedicated support team will help you and your ticket buyers in times of need at no additional cost. For a small nominal fee, we can help you with targeted social media ads and promotion as well!

To get started head on over to https://www.rafflebox.ca/signup and sign up to have one of our representatives contact you today!




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