We’ve leveled up — and we’ve got the official paperwork to prove it.

3 min readDec 2, 2022

Rafflebox receives clean SOC 2® Type 1 audit report.

It’s no secret that globally, data breaches have been on the rise. In fact, data breaches happen so frequently across all industries that cyberattacks occur every 39 seconds.

Unfortunately, this means non-profits aren’t immune to the threat of being compromised. For Rafflebox, data security is not only important, it’s non-negotiable in the service we offer our partners.

For non-profits, protecting your organization and your loyal donors is crucial to ensuring the safety of your information. Asking ticket buyers to supply their home address and emails can be daunting if you don’t have a plan in place to ensure that data is secure.

Rafflebox is certified. We earned a clean SOC 2® Type 1 audit report

We’ve always prioritized and implemented security strategies to ensure the integrity and safety of our data and our clients’ data. These complex and demanding controls help us deliver maximum data security.

The SOC 2® framework is part of the System and Organization Controls (SOC) suite of services laid out by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Designed for service organizations, including cloud-based SaaS companies like Rafflebox, the SOC 2® framework provides criteria for the controls and systems used to protect corporate and customer data. Completing a SOC 2® Type 1 audit report is a lot of work. We prioritize our partners’ peace of mind but we wanted to guarantee security, and have the certification to prove it, so charities and ticket buyers know their data is safe.

This allows organizations to build strong security programs by following the framework while offering assurance to anyone outside the organization that the security standards in place have been vetted and verified.

To meet SOC 2® requirements, organizations must undergo a comprehensive external audit and receive a clean audit report. We are pleased to announce that Rafflebox has received a clean SOC 2® Type 1 audit report with zero findings. This means our security controls meet the SOC 2® framework standards, the same security control standards as tech giants Google (Google Cloud) and Amazon (AWS Cloud Security).

“While we always knew our procedures ensured clients’ data was safe, we now have the external validation from a trusted standard. We will continue to work to uphold these standards to ensure the safety and compliance of donor data for all charitable and non-profits organizations that trust our platform to raise money for their causes.”

Mike Perrin, VP of Information Technology & Security at Rafflebox.

Because online security is not a one-and-done process — there’s always the need to remain vigilant to avoid potential hacking schemes. Our commitment to providing industry-leading security in the fundraising world will involve yearly SOC 2® type 2 audits. This type of audit will confirm we uphold these standards on an ongoing basis, and most importantly, uphold our commitment to our clients.

Raise more with secure software

When you partner with Rafflebox, both your organization and donors can feel confident in the stability and reliability of our platform.

Is your organization taking the proper steps to protect your community? Maybe it’s time for your organization to evaluate new technology that upholds the strongest level of security available. Connect with the Rafflebox team today to learn more.




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