Rafflebox Tech Update

If you’ve used Rafflebox, you know we take the guess work out of running a seamless and successful online raffle. We’re committed to making our comprehensive digital platform accessible to volunteers, coaches, parents and professional fundraisers across the country.

Our stellar Customer Success team is always sharing feedback from users like you to help improve our easy-to-use interface. Thanks to you, we’ve made some improvements that will make it easier to manage raffles with multiple prizes and early bird draws — check out the Coles Notes on this latest feature below.

Multiple prizes, multiple winners and early bird draws

In addition to the online 50/50, groups often choose to raffle off a grand prize to raise funds for their cause. Offering multiple prizes can make your raffle more appealing to potential ticket buyers and can generate excitement by offering multiple chances to win.

Other organizations choose to offer early bird prizes as a way to boost ticket sales during the first half of a 50/50. Supporters who grab their tickets before a certain cut-off date in the campaign are not only entered to win half the jackpot, but the early bird prize, too!

Non-profits and charities have been asking us for a better way to manage multi-prize raffles and early bird draws and we heard you. We’re excited to share our slick, but simple solution!

Users now have the ability to enter, edit and organize multiple prizes for a single raffle in the dashboard. Prizes with different values and draw dates can be entered in a few quick steps. Then — perhaps the best part — when you click on the “Winners” tab to choose a winner using random number generator, you’ll have the option to select a winner for each different prize you entered.

***Check out our Step-by-step Guide for this new feature!***

Other Updates: New Payment Flow

If you’re a serial Rafflebox ticket buyer, you may notice some design changes next time you purchase tickets in support of your favourite cause.

We’ve streamlined the payment flow so custom options like the “In Support of” dropdown menu and ticket package selection are now on the second screen, available only after clicking the big green “Purchase Tickets” button.

Try out the new payment flow when you grab your tickets for the next draw!

If you’re not a tech expert but have become the Rafflebox guru for your team or organization, keep an eye out for these tech updates. We often release new features and want to keep you up to date on our latest news. We love hearing what our partners think about our platform, so be sure contact us to start your next raffle and let us know!




A technology company helping charities and non-profits raise money through a modern digital Raffle and Marketing platform.

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A technology company helping charities and non-profits raise money through a modern digital Raffle and Marketing platform.

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