All photos courtesy of SCARS

Rafflebox Spotlight: SCARS - Finding homes for dogs, cats, and even goats!

A quick interview with Terra Maclean, training coordinator with Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS). She gives us a rundown on the organization that helps for animals find homes, and prevent animal cruelty. Read to the end for cute dog and cat photos!

Are you more a cat person or a dog person?

Both, but I am a dog trainer so that usually sets me with the dog people.

How did you get involved with SCARS?

I use to run an animal rescue further North and moved closer to Edmonton and amalgamated with SCARS.

How did you become an animal trainer?

SCARS had hired previous trainers but we always struggled to find foster homes that were able to commit to the training schedule and frequency. It’s hard to find a trainer that can take the dogs with them. Eventually, I studied for the certification as I was already set up to foster multiple dogs as it made the most sense. I am now studying to become a dog behaviorist.

How did SCARS get started as an organization?

Our founder and president saw a need for dogs that had nowhere to go and started her own organization 17 years ago.

How many pets has SCARS helped to find a new home?

We have adopted out over 12,000 which is actually more but when we made the switch from paper to software it unfortunately made us start at a zero count.

How long has SCARS been running?

17 years.

All photos courtesy of SCARS

What makes SCARS unique?

Our full support service. Once a SCARS pets always a SCARS pet! We help with vetting, training, and take the pet back without charge.

What are some of the programs SCARS offers?

We have a Spay Return Program that includes working with the communities to help reduce the number of unwanted pets, and education on proper pet ownership. We also have a Walls for Winter Program to ensure pets have a safe warm place to sleep.

Are there any favourite rescue stories you would like to share about SCARS?

I’ll always have a soft spot for Gredda - she was a breeding pitbull that was hit by a car, and paralyzed and left to nurse her puppies for two months before she was rescued, dragging her back legs outdoors. She had such a zest for life, a really incredible dog!

What is the biggest reason that pets are left unattended or unwanted?

No population controls, there are more pets than homes, and people will re-home them without another thought or responsibility.

How many pets have you helped so far?

Over 12000.

How has COVID affected your organization?

COVID has reduced our large-scale fundraisers, and increased animals in need of adoption.

What is the most unusual animal that your organization has rescued?

A goat, he had been shot and attacked by dogs (I adopted him).

What’s it like having a pet goat!?

I love my goats I have two, Vincent Van Goat and Gordon. They are free-range so they are always hanging out and visiting. They are adorable (and sometimes a nuisance haha).

How many pets do you own?

Three cats, eight dogs, plus horses, chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, cows, all pets. I am a vegetarian.

How can people get involved with SCARS?

Donate, volunteer, adopt! You can visit:

SCARS is currently running a raffle with Rafflebox. Click here to support them and their furry friends:

Now check out this very cute photo essay featuring Gertrude, Cookie, Cogburn, Fritz, Gab and their friends:




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A technology company helping charities and non-profits raise money through a modern digital Raffle and Marketing platform.

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