The brilliant minds of the Rafflebox software engineering team have done it again.

First, they brought us online 50/50s. Then, prize raffles.

Now, introducing the 50/50 and prize raffle combo, made possible by the new Rafflebox shopping cart!

Available immediately, the shopping cart enables non-profits like yours to raise even more funds by offering participants multiple buying options when supporting your raffle. Now, consider adding a 50/50 to your prize raffle or run a multi-prize raffle, like a dream home lottery.

Here’s how it works:

1. Your non-profit chooses to add a 50/50 to your prize raffle (or a prize raffle to your 50/50).

2. Both the prize and the 50/50 jackpot appear on your custom raffle webpage, building excitement.

3. A supporter adds one type of ticket to their virtual shopping cart and is automatically prompted to purchase the other kind.

4. The supporter reviews the contents of their cart in summary before checking out.

5. Just like that, a single ticket purchase can grow and your organization is one step closer to your goal.

How will the shopping cart help you raise more?

We’re glad you asked.

First, the shopping cart feature is amongst the list of functionalities built right into the Rafflebox platform and dashboard at no additional cost to your organization. All your donor details and reporting information can still be found in one streamlined location in the dashboard. No extra cost, no extra fuss.

Second, preliminary data shows that over 86% of people who purchase a prize raffle ticket, also purchase at least one 50/50 ticket. With results this impressive, why wouldn’t you take advantage?

Lastly, your donors are craving multiple ways to support your worthy cause. With multiple buying options, you’re empowering the buyer to fill their cart with the items that appeal to them, while giving them multiple chances to win. We say, give the people what they want.

Case Study

Our partners at the Alberta SPCA have jumped in with both feet and are seeing great success with their hybrid Christmas fundraiser.

With the new shopping cart feature, the Alberta SPCA can offer their supporters a Christmas Cash Lottery, which includes early bird draws, a grand prize, 32 cash prizes, AND the 50/50 jackpot! Offering $90,000 in cash prizes, plus a 50/50 jackpot to their supporters offers multiple exciting opportunities for animal-lovers across Alberta.

Get started

Interested in adding this feature to your next raffle fundraiser? Reach out to your Rafflebox Account Manager or schedule a callback from one of our team members to get started.




A technology company helping charities and non-profits raise money through a modern digital Raffle and Marketing platform.

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A technology company helping charities and non-profits raise money through a modern digital Raffle and Marketing platform.

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