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3 min readSep 13, 2022


Check out the Rafflebox platform features and use one that works for you!

Rafflebox is an online fundraising platform made for charitable organizations. We run 50/50s, Prize Raffles, In-Venue Ticket Sales, Employee Payroll Programs, and Goldrush Fundraisers.

We offer an intuitive dashboard where organizations access their donor base, transaction records, and manage their fundraisers. We also offer our certified Random Number Generator (RNG) so organizations can avoid printing thousands of tickets and choose their winner with a click of a button.

What makes our fundraising platform unique is the addition of features that enhance our partners’ fundraisers.

Rafflebox Platform Features

Features such as an early bird prize, combination raffle (50/50 + prize), multiple prizes, and our customizable “in support of” feature allow groups to keep their fundraising efforts interesting and engaging for their donors.

The best part? Implementing any of these features comes with no additional cost when you partner with Rafflebox.


One of the best ways to help engage your ticket buyers at the very beginning of your fundraiser is to offer an early bird prize. An early bird prize allows supporters to purchase tickets before a certain date where they get entered into an exclusive draw only those “early bird” ticket purchasers have access to.

The pros? The winner has a chance to win the early bird prize AND the grand prize without buying a second ticket, and the organization has a chance to build a strong jackpot from the very start. Growing the jackpot early on in the raffle creates a snowball effect where more people buy tickets as the jackpot total goes higher!


Adding a 50/50 raffle to your prize raffle not only gives your donors two opportunities to win, but it allows your organization to generate two streams of revenue. With a prize raffle, the organization keeps all funds raised (minus platform and credit card fees), and the winner gets the prize. With a 50/50, the organization keeps 50% of funds raised (minus platform and credit card fees), and the other 50% goes to a lucky winner.

Combining both a 50/50 and prize raffle together is a low-effort way to increase ROI. While this style of fundraiser includes two lottery licenses, your custom raffle page will include both fundraisers with a seamless checkout flow experience.


2, 10, 20, 365 (maybe a prize a day for a year?!) You name it, Rafflebox can do it. Offering your supporters a raffle fundraiser that has MULTIPLE prizes is attractive to them because it increases their chances of walking away with a prize. For organizations setting up a raffle fundraiser that has multiple prizes, this offers a fantastic opportunity to work with community sponsors and partners.

Many of our partners have prizes donated or provided at cost to ensure they can maximize the amount of money they raise for their cause. Team up with local businesses and community groups connected to your cause to get your hands on some sought-after prizes, and your organization will take home even more money to put towards your cause!


Maybe your organization is a sports team with 30+ players, or firefighters across a province with 260+ departments, or a community-based organization with 100+ volunteers. Whatever it looks like, our “in support of” feature allows organizations to represent their fundraiser with a personal touch.

This feature allows grandparents to purchase tickets in support of their grandchildren, which will go towards their hockey registration that year, and it lets your neighbour support the local fire department so they can upgrade their level of service. The application of this feature may look different depending on the goals of your fundraiser.

Wondering how to implement a new feature to your next Rafflebox fundraiser? Or maybe you’re wondering where to start?

Connect with our team today and let’s get you started.




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