Introducing Mark Landry

Name: Mark Landry

Community: Elmsdale, Nova Scotia

Position: Sales Executive

As a Sales Executive at Rafflebox, Mark acts as the first point-of-contact for potential Rafflebox charities and non-profits. Mark speaks with organizations firsthand to understand their needs, answer questions and show them how they can raise more funds for their cause with Rafflebox.

Why Rafflebox?

Mark came across the opportunity to join the Rafflebox team through Tim Burley, Vice President Business Development at Rafflebox Technologies, who he had previously met at a networking event. Upon hearing that the job entailed supporting local charities, non-profits and sports groups, Mark applied and was the successful interview candidate. Supporting local fundraisers and putting more funds back into his community has always been important to Mark, so the position has been a dream come true.

Having worked with non-profits in the past, Mark has seen firsthand what it’s like for organizations to struggle financially and worry about funding. If he can play a role in helping organizations keep their doors open — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic — you can count him in.

An organization close to Mark’s heart

Special Olympics Nova Scotia, an organization that partners with Rafflebox, will always have a special place in Mark’s heart. Mark previously worked with the Special Olympics team and he hopes to continue supporting the organization through volunteering once pandemic restrictions ease.

Special Olympics gives people with intellectual disabilities opportunities through the programs they provide with their organization,” explained Mark. “These programs are unique because they give people a voice and a real chance to be showcased, when typically, they may not have one.”

Advice for non-profits

If Mark could give organizations one piece of advice when partnering with Rafflebox, it’s that they should consider the Rafflebox employees an extension of their fundraising team and ask as many questions as possible. Rafflebox works to empower organizations to take control of their own fundraising by providing the tools and expertise to drive online ticket sales. Mark thoroughly enjoys his conversations with non-profits and aims to share as much information as possible to help them succeed. He laughs and says:

“But I’m not a mind reader — organizations should ask as many questions as possible — that’s what we’re here for!”

A fact others may not know about Mark

Mark is adopted. He was only 18 days-old when his parents adopted him from the Home of the Guardian Angel, a non-profit in Nova Scotia. Although they have since discontinued their adoption program, Home of the Guardian Angel is yet another vital organization that will forever be close to Mark’s heart.

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