AGLC policy improvements mean more money for Alberta non-profits

2 min readFeb 9, 2021
Rafflebox enables thousands of registered charities and non-profits — big and small — to raise funds online through 50/50 and prize raffles. We offer marketing support and custom online raffle pages, so organizations like yours can raise funds quickly and easily for important community causes.

Effective February 2, 2021, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) announced changes to its gaming policies that will make it easier for charitable and non-profit organizations to run 50/50 and prize raffles online in Alberta.

Rafflebox is thrilled to see the culmination of our joint advocacy resulting in an improvement in the raffle experience for charitable organizations. We commend the AGLC for responding to the needs of Alberta’s non-profit sector and are confident these changes will result in more funds in the hands of vital charities and non-profits!

For a complete list of policy amendments, see the AGLC Raffle Bulletin.


*the following policy changes apply to approved Electronic Raffle System (ERS) Administrators only. Rafflebox is an approved ERS Administrator in the province of Alberta and encourages organizations to verify the qualifications of their raffle provider.

  1. Physical ticket printing and mailing no longer required
    Alberta gaming policies previously required physical tickets be printed and mailed to all ticket-buyers for any raffle license under $100,000. Recent policy changes now allow licensed charitable organizations to distribute ticket numbers electronically. Rafflebox provides automatically-generated e-tickets for all fundraisers.
  2. Random Number Generation (RNG) may be used to select a winner electronically
    Alberta gaming policies previously required organizations to conduct a barrel draw with physical tickets to select prize winners. Recent policy changes now permit licensed charitable organizations to use an approved Random Number Generator to select a winner.

    Only approved Electronic Raffle System (ERS) Administrators are permitted to offer RNG. Rafflebox is an approved ERS Administrator and is proud to offer a custom RNG that is GLI certified and approved for use in Alberta by the AGLC. Learn more about the Rafflebox RNG here.
  3. Approximately 3–4% of total ticket sales in savings for your organization
    The printing and mailing of physical tickets for barrel draws and individual ticket numbers cost organizations an average of 3–4% of their total ticket sales. By the AGLC having now eliminated these requirements, licensed charitable organizations are able to keep those funds and redirect them to important causes.

If you’re already working with Rafflebox and have questions about how these changes will impact your raffle, please reach out to your local account manager.

To learn more about online fundraising with Rafflebox, contact us!




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