5 ways a Raffle can help engage your Donors this New Year

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Happy New Year, Rafflebox’ers!

2020 was a tough year for many people but, despite a global pandemic, our charitable and non-profit partners like you worked harder than ever to meet the growing needs of your community.

With a New Year comes new hope, new challenges and…new fundraising goals. Now is the time to start planning for 2021 and we look forward to helping you map out your online fundraising strategies for the year.

Together, we raised over $15 million for important causes across Canada through online raffles and 50/50s. Thank you for all your support! Head onto rafflebox.ca to start to reach your fundraising goals now!

1. Build anticipation with your donors through planned monthly
— not only will your team be impressed that you’ve got a plan to raise funds over the next four quarters, but repeated monthly raffles give your donors something to watch for. Over time, they’ll start to expect your raffle and plan to support your cause each month.

2. Plan for holidays and special occasions — start planning when throughout the year you want to run your raffles. Add an online prize raffle to your Valentine’s gala, or kick-off your spring fundraising campaign with a virtual St. Patrick’s Day 50/50.

3. Create engaging social media content — everybody loves watching a 50/50 pot go up and up and…up! Post regular pot updates on your organization’s social media accounts and bring your donors along on the journey. Not only will this help you raise more funds but it’s a surefire way to boost your social media following.

4. Tell your story and remind donors of your needs — need new hockey jerseys, or lifesaving research dollars? A raffle gives you another reason to remind donors of your needs for the year and provides another way for them to show their support.

5. Remind donors what you accomplished last year — the raffle you ran last year was a great success and now is the time to share the details! Remind donors of the total funds raised, who won and how your organization benefited. This is a great way to remind donors of your loyal fan base and get them excited about future raffles.

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